Guerrilla Remote Monitoring Service

Zoltán Havasi

Founder of MOHAnet, IoT Expert

Post Date: 2024. 06. 11

A shift in perspective and cost optimization in the remote monitoring industry?


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A remote monitoring service provider is a business or organization that offers remote monitoring services to residential and commercial clients in a specific region. These services are typically security or technical in nature and are designed to monitor areas, buildings, equipment, or other assets owned by the client through a remote monitoring system. Remote monitoring service providers generally use devices and technologies such as alarms, fire detectors, security cameras, or other smart systems that allow them to monitor and notify clients in real-time if something is amiss in the monitored area.


Most remote monitoring services work closely with security system installers whose task is to determine the systems needed to establish security based on the clients' needs, then design and install these systems on the client’s premises. Security systems may include security cameras, alarms, access control systems, fire alarm systems, and other security solutions aimed at protecting people and property from crimes and other hazards.


For security system installers, offering remote monitoring services has long represented their own boundaries because they do not possess the technical infrastructure required to provide the service, such as a 24/7 dispatcher center and response team. This means that if a client needs remote monitoring services, the installer refers them to a remote monitoring service provider, who in return pays them a one-time or ongoing commission.


In this case, the installer’s choice is limited to which remote monitoring providers they recommend to the client. However, the remote monitoring providers lack the means, tools, and opportunities to professionally care for the clients they acquire in this way. Due to personal acquaintance, installers are in a much better position since they could offer closer communication and a better client experience to their customers if they had the possibility to provide their own remote monitoring services.


However, with the advent of modern cloud technology, it is now possible for installer businesses to offer remote monitoring services directly to their clients if they so desire. The necessary technical infrastructure, 24/7 dispatcher center, and response team can all be rented as services from remote monitoring providers operating the MOHAnet system. This type of operation is known as guerrilla remote monitoring service.


In this context, the term “guerrilla” refers to a situation where a larger remote monitoring provider leases its available capacity (contracted remote monitoring, contracted response) to smaller remote monitoring providers who may have less developed or economically viable dispatcher centers and/or response teams due to a low number of clients. This is also true for security system installers who want to offer remote monitoring services directly to their clients.


This solution brings numerous advantages for remote monitoring providers, security system installers, and clients. Remote monitoring providers do not need to appoint and maintain costly local representatives in every town. Clients do not need to enter into separate contracts with both the installer and the remote monitoring provider, nor do they have to navigate the bureaucracy when an issue arises. Installers can significantly increase their revenue by offering their own remote monitoring services to their clients, leveraging their local presence, personal acquaintance, and good reputation. Due to higher fees, installers are committed to properly serving and retaining clients and are also interested in maintaining continuous growth.


Overall, guerrilla remote monitoring service represents a new approach in the remote monitoring sector as it enables security system installers and remote monitoring providers to offer comprehensive services cost-effectively. Their cooperation allows them to optimize resources and enhance their capabilities to improve client experience.


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