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Up-to-date information and data analysis on machines, vehicles, people

Good business decisions require real-time data. Our company, MOHAnet, helps you secure your precious resources and make your business more efficient with IoT remote monitoring and big data-based systems.

Boxed or custom – as you wish

You may need real-time position reporting in a variety of roles and areas – as company manager, principal, operator, in different types of industries, be it heavy, light and food industries, agriculture and service providers.

You can only profit from transparent operation and more efficient work organization.

Remotely monitor your machines, vehicles, employees and increase your revenue with our Remote IoT Solutions.

Choose from our boxed, ready-to-use remote monitoring devices that alert you immediately in the event of an emergency, so you can take immediate action to prevent damage.

In the case of complex tasks, we can develop a unique communication device that provides valuable statements in addition to the knowledge of boxed products.

Get to know our remote monitoring devices and IoT solutions, then request a personal meeting with our experts!

Get to know our remote monitoring devices


Fixed device, to which a variety of technologies can be connected. Its modular structure, reminiscent of building blocks, allows it to be continuously recycled and expanded.

What can you use it for?

Sales tracking

It accurately reports inventory sales and generates revenue-generating business reports. See the following page for more information.

Refrigerator monitoring

Continuous temperature monitoring of refrigeration equipment. See the following page for more information.

Burglar alarm

Supervision of security systems of office buildings, factories, flats.

Fire alarm

Supervision of fire protection systems in office buildings, factories and homes.

Vehicle tracking

For theft protection and logistics supervision of company vehicles.

Position tracking

For tracking, locating workers, machines and tools inside the building.

Access Control System

Supervision of person and vehicle access.

Elevator alarm

Monitoring of elevator alarms and status signals.

Information terminal

Public and corporate information and/or emergency call point.

Fluid level measurement

Measuring fluid levels and monitoring usage.

Forklift tracking

Monitoring the movement and diagnostic status of forklifts, hoists.

Condition monitoring

Diagnostic status monitoring of electric motors, rotary machines.

Water pump monitoring

Diagnostic condition monitoring of water lifting equipment, pumps.

Load balance supervision

Supervision of weighing of raw materials, finished products, transport vehicles.

Remote reading

Monitoring of water, gas and electricity consumption for cost reduction.

Solar panel monitoring

Theft protection and diagnostic status monitoring in one.


A remotely managed, real-time handheld device that notifies you immediately when a problem occurs. It is a full-featured mobile phone, durable and easy to use.

What can you use it for?

As a watch assistant

The only watch assistant in the remote monitoring market that makes fully automatic and 100% transparent the work of security guards and patrols. See the following page for more information.

As a cleaning assistant

For remote monitoring, documenting, and monitoring of the work of the cleaning service.

As a delivery assistant

For remote monitoring and administration of the work of car, bicycle and motor couriers.

As a ticket inspector assistant

At sporting events, concerts, festivals, corporate events and business conferences.

As an elderly care assistant

As a caring cell phone for cared people of home-based signalling assistance.

For what area are you looking for an IoT solution?

For industrial companies, factories: Smart Factory – Industry 4.0.
Indoor positioning
For tracking employees, machines, tools inside the building. What’s special about iMachine is the ability to track the movement of raw materials and finished products. Thus, it not only protects from loss of revenue, but also increases efficiency.
Condition-dependent maintenance of machines and equipment
Our iMachine diagnostic system provides diagnostic monitoring of electric motors, rotary machines. Because it consists of modular building blocks, it is also suitable for many other telemetry tasks, for example, to collect data measured by field devices and environmental sensors.
Remote monitoring of hoists and forklifts
The iMachine is also the ideal remote monitoring tool for lifting and forklift movement and diagnostic status. Unlike other manufacturers’ solutions, not only technical data can be checked, but also sensors can be used to prevent damage, misuse and accidents.
Remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment
IMachine remote monitoring tool provides continuous status monitoring and can also serve wireless environment sensors from a single device. It provides real-time monitoring of several different refrigerators and can even be installed in a refrigerator car.
Remote monitoring of liquid tanks, fuel tanks
IMachine is also excellent for preventing theft and abuse, as it not only monitors and measures fluid level, but also uses its modular building blocks to track the position of the tank.
Remote monitoring of water pumps
Our remote monitoring software monitors the status of water pumping equipment and pumps. IMachine can connect wired and wireless probes and sensors, so it also provides the ability to measure fluid level, flow rate, temperature, pressure and water quality.
Remote monitoring of load balances
The iMachine is also a perfect remote monitoring tool for monitoring the weighing of raw materials, finished products and transport vehicles. Combined with various sensors, it also helps prevent damage from measurement-related misuse.
Remote monitoring of solar systems
IMachine adds anti-theft protection and diagnostic monitoring to help prevent performance loss, wear and tear. In addition, the integration of different sensors does not increase operating costs, and you can maximize the efficiency of your solar cells.

For industrial and other facilities, office buildings: Smart Facility
Burglar alarm remote monitoring
In the event of an alarm, the iMachine sends a real-time signal to the centre in less than 1 second, and the dispatcher can start the security service. The security system monitoring device, complete with wireless sensors, can also monitor moisture, temperature, humidity, light, water, gas and electricity consumption.
Fire protection remote monitoring
Recommended for monitoring fire alarm systems. Your current fire detection centre is likely to transmit only so-called collected signals. IMachine also transmits a “selective” signal so fire stations receive a text message. Such fire alarms allow for a more accurate flow of information and more efficient extinguishing.
Guard Service Assistant
Are you running a security company or representing the customer side? MoniPhone electronically documents the work of the guard service and makes complaints cases reconstructable. The only device in the remote monitoring market that fully automates the patrol process.

You can read more about it here.

Vehicle remote monitoring
We recommend it for the theft protection and logistics supervision of company vehicles. It can be supplemented in many ways with satellite positioning, card driver identification, and business and private use. We can even make it suitable for monitoring fuel theft, cargo temperature, or idling.
Access Control System remote monitoring
Suitable in any facility for attendance and authorization checking of access systems, people and vehicles 24 hours a day. It may also be supplemented by other records related to employees, such as attendance and working time records.
Cleaning assistant
Moniphone gives you real-time data on whether cleaners have done the job precisely and accurately. You can also monitor high-value cleaning machines and cleaning products. It makes the work of the cleaners transparent and facilitates the handling of any complaints.
Remote meter reading
Data from water, gas, and electricity meters is sent to the monitoring station via an encrypted data channel by iMachine, and graphically displays it to you through a web or mobile application. It also controls the alarm signalling and garage door opener.
Elevator and lift monitoring
With a beep and light, it acknowledges to those trapped in the elevator that their message has arrived. The dispatch centre will call back the elevator within one minute and provide assistance with voice connection. With iMachine, you have a unique control over all providers that can be connected to the elevator’s remote monitoring (service cars, maintenance).
Sales monitoring – remote monitoring of beverage coolers, shelves
Do you operate a beverage cooler? The sales monitoring system accurately reports inventory sales and produces valuable business reports. It makes your beverage coolers smart and your business more competitive, because it can generate at least 20-25% more revenue per year.

You can read more about it here.

For remote monitoring of logistics tasks: Smart Logistic
Remote monitoring of couriers
It makes the activity of motorbike, bicycle couriers and couriers completely transparent: handing over and receiving letters and parcels, logging successful and unsuccessful delivery. Digitizing your documentation saves you time and money.
Ticket inspector assistant
Be it public transport, sporting events, concerts, festivals, corporate events or business conferences, Moniphone documents the work of ticket inspectors electronically. Quickly and efficiently checks any entry ticket type.
For municipalities, local governments: Smart City
Elderly Care Assistant
The statutory home help system for the elderly in your town is required by law. Moniphone Elderly Care Assistant automatically notifies caregivers (home nurse, nurse, physician) or ambulance in case of trouble.
CHECKPOINT indoor and outdoor information terminal
The vandal-proof emergency pillar is a street emergency and / or information point in one. Air pollution measurement, residential Wi-Fi hotspot, traffic or tourist information, weather station, National Blue Tour checkpoint can be added to the iMachine terminal.

How do we make up-to-date information transparent?


We provide a variety of services to help you manage your data:

Remote monitoring service

You can select remote monitoring service where qualified dispatchers receive alarms and take care of your security 24 hours a day.

Application Service

If you choose the application service, you, as the owner of the devices, operate and control the device management at your own discretion.

We also offer two platforms for interpreting the data:

Monitoringbook Home – access via mobile phone or tablet

It runs on both Android and iOS operating systems, providing continuous insight and real-time verification. Displays data in tabular and graphical form. Does not store confidential information, safe, reliable. You receive instant notifications of events requiring intervention through the app.

Monitoringbook Pro – transparent service management

In addition to online tracking and monitoring, it provides the ability to create, edit, and manage individual statements and worksheets, as well as manage individual actions and interventions.


MOHAnet story

Our company, MOHAnet, is a leading player in the domestic remote monitoring industry thanks to its integrated mobile applications developed by it. Save time and money with our IoT solutions, making your business safer and more transparent – be it any area you represent.
  • 2018

    Szerethető munkahely díj / Enjoyable Workplace Award

    IT Business Leadership Award – Különdíj / IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize

  • 2016

    IT Business Leadership Award – Termékfejlesztés kategória / IT Business Leadership Award – Product Development Category

    T-Systems Innovatív partner díj / T-Systems Innovative Partner Award

  • 2013

    Nemzetközi Üzletfejlesztési díj 2. helyezett / International Business Development Award – 2nd Place

  • 2012

    IT Business Leadership Award – Különdíj / IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize

    Microsoft Közép- és Kelet-Európa legjobb Windows Azure Applikációja / Microsoft Best Azure Application in Central and Eastern Europe

  • 2011

    Magyar Termék Nagydíj / Hungarian Product Grand Prize

    Informatikai Nívódíj / IT Bench Prize Informatics Award

    Detektor Hazai Innovációs Különdíj / Detektor Magazine’s Special Prize for Innovation

  • 2010

    IT Business Leadership Award – Különdíj / IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize

  • 2008

    Magyar Minőség Háza Díj / House of Hungarian Quality Award

    Security Expo Bratislava Nagydíj / Security Expo Bratislava Grand Prize

    Magyar Termék Nagydíj / Hungarian Product Grand Prize

  • 2006

    Detektor Az Év Biztonságtechnikai Megoldása Díj / Security Technology Solution of the Year

  • 2005

    Detektor Az Év Biztonságtechnikai Megoldása Díj / Security Technology Solution of the Year

Why to choose us?

  • 16 professional awards
  • 50 successful projects
  • 20 unique IoT solutions
  • 30 staff at 600 nm
  • 50,000 IoT devices sold
  • 13 years of operating experience
  • 100 professional presentations
  • 15 exclusive conferences organizing
  • 1 billion event messages forwarding
  • 1 Terabyte telemetry processing
  • 150 physical and virtual servers operating
  • 50 participation as exhibitor in domestic and international exhibitions

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