A complete solution for Signal System Home Assistance

Caring for the elderly living alone is also a challenge at the organisational level. The service of MOHAnet is the only up-to-date comprehensive technological solution for 24-hour remote monitoring.

Why is Signal System Home Assistance a good solution?

It is the mission of caring municipalities, NGOs and ecclesiastical institutions to ensure that all elderly people in need of care and supervision can live a full and safe life.

Remote monitoring, complementing human contact and personal care, provides a safe and effective solution.

With dispatcher services and modern technologies, we can provide remote monitoring of thousands of elderly people at the same time, even if they are mostly alone in their homes.



With the MOHAnet system, elderly people in need of supervision do not have to get out of the familiar environment.

Elderly people can remain autonomous, and the care center can immediately inform them if they are threatened with trouble.


This is included in the complete Remote Management Service Pack:

The Moniphone device

The Moniphone device

Sends an alarm at the touch of a single button. A mobile phone with a large display and large push-buttons, and a hinged alarm. It can also be ordered with a wireless charging station, which functions as a docking station. It regularly monitors the temperature of the environment to prevent hypothermia inside the apartment. Built-in GPS location locator also helps in tracking the user's location. It immediately notifies the dispatcher centre of any changes in the diagnostic condition. Whether it's low battery power, Internet connection failure, permanent immobility, or even turning off your device. The built-in accelerometer immediately sends an alarm to the dispatcher centre in case of a fall. It is the own development of Mohanet.

S.O.S. Pager

S.O.S. Pager

A small, simplified device which can be worn hanged around the neck, pinched to a belt or even on the wrist or in a watch tube. The device can be called, so it is also suitable for two-way voice communication. It also has a built-in GPS locator and accelerometer. The former detects the location of the user, while the latter detects the fall. It can be ordered with a dock charging station with a speakerphone.. The advantage of this device is that its use is as simple as possible, and the emergency call can be started immediately by pressing a single large button. It notifies the dispatcher centre of some diagnostic state changes. Whether it's a low battery or loss of Internet connection.

Remote monitoring dispatcher station

Remote monitoring dispatcher station

The 24-hour dispatcher service of our own development is operated by a reliable receiver server and remote monitoring software that has been widely used in the country for more than 10 years. The map interface of the graphical display software monitors the position of the cared people with continuous positioning, so help can reach the site as quickly as possible at any time. The signalling devices transmit event signals 24 hours a day to the care centre or to a reception station installed at an entrusted service provider.

Mobile app for remote monitoring

Mobile app for remote monitoring

By installing our unique smartphone application, you will receive real-time information on your mobile phone, about the technical condition and operation of the signalling devices working by the cared persons (shutdown, location, battery charge level). With the use of the application, the information generated by the remote monitoring system can be shared immediately with the nurses involved in care or, if desired, with their relatives.

This complete Signal System Home Assistance tool package can monitor up to thousands of elderly people at the same time and protect them from being alone in case of unexpected sickness, falling, cold, heat exhaustion, and enables quick assistance in all unexpected emergencies.


The caring mobile phone has been developed specifically for the safety of the elderly. Moniphone is a modern mobile phone with a traditional design that is easy to use by the elderly, but is a state-of-the-art mobile phone that keeps you informed about the condition and safety of the supervised person.

Hinged waterproof alarm

If you don't have your phone at hand, the wireless wrist alarm is always available. With the touch of a button, you can ask for help, even from the bathtub.

Persistent, Internet connection that cannot be turned off

Thanks to the Internet, you can constantly remotely check whether the device is working well, how much it is charged and where the cared elderly is staying. The mobile is functional not only in the house, but also anywhere outside it.

Connectable medical devices

We can connect special medical devices via Bluetooth, wirelessly, so regular measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood glucose, blood oxygene or even body weight can be monitored remotely and the results can be electronically administered.

Connectable carbon monoxide sensor

Through the sound sensor of Moniphone, not only those who are in the apartment, but also the dispatcher of the care centre will be immediately notified, if there is a risk of poisoning, so help can be started immediately.

Talking objects

When touching the identification discs fitted to each object of use, Moniphone plays pre-recorded audio recordings, which refers to the correct use of that equipment. A total of 10 minutes of audio can be recorded on the device, which can be freely used for any quantity of objects.

Designed for heavy duty

In old age, we can drop objects more often, including the phone. The MoniPhone is designed to be durable: it can withstand shocks, falls and other environmental influences, so you don't have to worry about its getting damaged easily and not being able to perform its caring function.


Small, simple design

The device is small and weighs only 35 grams, and the emergency call is possible by pressing a single large button. With an accessory, it can be worn continuously as a watch, so users can ask for help immediately at any time.

Suitable for voice communication, too

The device can be called if necessary (e.g. if a fall is detected or if the cared person leaves the house), in this case two-way communication is possible, so emergency situations can be handled quickly.

GPS positioning

The device has an accelerometer sensor that detects a user falling and it sends a notification to the centre thereof.

Docking Charging Station, Clock stand

It is easy to charge the device without cables by placing it in the docking station provided for it. This is an optional accessory, not included in the basic package.


Functions Moniphone S.O.S. Pager
SOS signal
Fall detection
GEO fence
not contains
Call out
not contains
Call Answering
not contains
Volume control
not contains
S.O.S. wrist alarm
not contains
Docking alarm
Charging / Chargers
Battery (24h)
On / Off
not contains
Keypad lock
BLE (Bluetooth)
not contains
RFiD reading
not contains
Unique menu
not contains
Cooling danger signal
not contains
User menu
not contains


We provide a demo bag for municipalities, NGOs and ecclesiastical institutions on demand, which contains all the important elements of the system.

So you can test it without engagement and try out all the features.

The demo bag includes all the accessories for the complete remote monitoring solution:

  • Moniphone device
  • S.O.S Pager
  • Wireless charger
  • Wristband alarm
  • Remote monitoring dispatcher software and mobile app
  • User manual


Local governments, organizations and institutions that want to provide full and safe Signal System Home Assistance with the help of modern technology.

The full service package can be purchased, rented, but we also provide the opportunity to request the operation of certain elements in service.

The MOHAnet system helps to provide remote monitoring and care for the elderly even if there are few people and resources for many cared persons.

Ask for our free demo bag and make sure that your system works efficiently!


Enter your contact details and details by filling out the form, and our staff will call you back within 48 hours and agree on the details of the demo bag insurance.

In addition to the demo bag, we also provide free online or offline professional consultation!

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