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We are proud to be able to save time and minimize risk, while improving security and providing transparency for companies and people with our IoT solutions.

Our mission

„We strive to be leading force in modernization of monitoring technology and we would like to change the way how people think about remote monitoring and its services, as well as the way they use them.”

Zoltan Havasi, CEO

MOHAnet helps the everyday life of companies and families with their innovative solutions

Our aim is to provide such solutions that can help with people’s work and not make it harder. We follow technological trends, moreover we form them.

MOHAnet is dedicated to making quality services and creating value. We have a proactive approach with IoT technology and the integration of various applications into remote monitoring, in which our services are easily available.

Transparency, security, protection, council and support; the personalized combination of these are offered to our customers. Our mission is to keep the leader position in providing customizable remote monitoring and IoT solutions.

With our mobile solutions we are the leaders in the modernization of the remote monitoring industry.

Founded: 2006
Founders: Zsolt Mozgo and Zoltan Havasi development engineers
Owners: Zsolt Mozgo, Zoltan Havasi, Norbert Szabo and Roland Szabo
Profile: Hardware and software development, production
Specialization: Remote monitoring and telemetry
Management: Havasi Zoltán – Chief Executive Officer
Szabó Norbert – owner, HR Director
Mozgó Zsolt – Hardware Development Director
Szabó Roland – Software Development Director
Szigetvári Ákos – Director of Sales

Milestones of our company’s history



At the start, we focus mainly on the development of a universal transmitter for the various existing alarm systems.

In order to transmit data securely we create a unique management system.



We develop our first generation of IP based transmitters and the related remote monitoring software platform.

The focus shifts from remote monitoring of property and fire protection to monitoring of other systems as well, such as patrol personnel control for security services, emergency equipment for the elderly, emergency alarms of elevators, or motion detection of vehicles.



By consolidating the different types of transmitters we create the concept of iMachine Classic that allows free variability of the different technologies.

It becomes easy to provide all-round service for the different areas of remote monitoring with this second generation device, therefore there is no need for storing further devices.

As a result, our remote monitoring portfolio expands with solutions for new service areas, such as temperature monitoring, weight loss tracking of dispensing shelves and the exact location of objects inside the building.



As a consolidation of different types of remote monitoring software, we create the modularly expandable MonitoringBook Pro remote monitoring platform and the MonitoringBook Home mobile application, based on cloud services.

The development of the various modules is currently underway, of which we have already made two modules available to our partners. Another milestone in hardware development is the creation of the iMachine Tiny, which is already capable of LTE (4G) communication.



As a result of two years of development, the SmartAlarm 4in1 concept is born, which changes our habits regarding the operation of alarm systems and places it in a new approach.

As a result, our life becomes more comfortable, because the protection service of our system covers not only the property, but also its residents.

Business successes

We are the leaders in the market of remote monitoring system development in Hungary
We are the greatest IoT infrastructure provider in Hungary
18 professional acknowledgements
50 successful projects
20 customized IoT solutions
50.000+ pieces of equipment sold
100+ professional presentations
20 conferences organized
1 billion event notifications forwarded
1 terabyte of telemetric data processed
160+ physical and virtual servers for remote monitoring

Professional acknowledgment



IT Business Award – Special Prize



Enjoyable Workplace Award

IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize



IT Business Leadership Award – Product Development Category

T-Systems Innovative Partner Award



Enjoyable Workplace Award

IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize



IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize

Microsoft Best Azure Application in Central and Eastern Europe



Magyar Termék Nagydíj

Informatikai Nívódíj

Detektor Hazai Innovációs Különdíj



IT Business Leadership Award – Special Prize



House of Hungarian Quality Award

Security Expo Bratislava Grand Prize

Hungarian Product Grand Prize



Security Technology Solution of the Year



Security Technology Solution of the Year


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