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fire alarm
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vending machine
truck movement
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vehicle tracking
remote monitoring
Our GPRS telemetry applications and remote monitoring devices save customers significant time and cost, as we provide up to date information which is relevant to the operation of their machines, their equipment operations and employees’ work alike.

Monitoring Service Providers

We are looking for such Monitoring Service Providers who would like to attract more customers and build a bigger portfolio by our integrated resource monitoring solutions.


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System integrators

We are looking for system integrators, who would like to improve on the number of their business clients and their overall satisfaction by giving them control.


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We think our Entreprise Resource Monitoring system is perfect for such business associations, who would like transparency in the operational and tehcnological processes.


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Residential users

We provide such residential solutions to our clients which makes it possible to overlook the safety of their loved ones and the security of their belongings.


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