Multi-level Monitoring

Multi-level remote monitoring that you can expand in every direction

Flexible infrastructure, 100% transparency, free scalability.

We have developed modularly extensible multi-level infrastructure for simpler and more economical operation of several remote management applications.

It is difficult for a classic remote monitoring service provider to implement a new monitoring application cost-effectively because it has to purchase and operate a new technology.

This abundance of parallelism is what kills the efficiency and growth of a remote monitoring service provider.

MOHAnet's multi-level monitoring infrastructure is what triggers all of this.

A single system where you can manage dozens of services through a high-security Internet connection.

One single system update annually, in which all service providers receive the new features required by users.

We are thinking with a service provider head, so our solution is simple: one supplier has to be entrusted with all the elements of the entire system that are constantly developed and supported, so there is no question of who has the full responsibility.

This is how MOHAnet's multi-level remote management infrastructure is built

Single system, single database, modular structure, without duplication and parallel costs.

iMachine: a creatively re-usable transmitter what is made special by its freely replaceable modules.

We've been equipped for remote monitoring of a number of equipment, so you can connect home alarm, fire alarm, elevator, vehicle or many other devices.

Toolbox: the device management software,

to keep all your transmitting software and configurations up to date. Due to remote access, there is no need for local parameterization of the transmitters at all.

Helios: the service management server

which continuously monitors the operation of transmitters and encrypted data tunnels operating on the network of mobile service providers 24 hours a day. In addition, it checks data transfer to allow for fluctuation-free quality and reliability (SLA) of the internet-based remote monitoring.

Mercury: Remote monitoring receiver server

which instantly processes and securely stores encrypted event messages from transmitting devices.

MonitoringBook Pro: web-based remote monitoring platform

which is capable of receiving, analysing and graphically displaying the result. It allows for the simultaneous connection of an unlimited number of users, so the number of dispatchers can be easily scaled as the customer number increases.

MonitoringBook Home: mobile application for remote monitoring

allows you to access the event signals of a wide range of equipment from anywhere at any time. Each alarm can be display on the graphic surface in real time, the earlier data can be immediately queried and the remote-monitored equipment can be remotely controlled. A good example of the latter is turning home alarms on and off, or stopping vehicles remotely.

APN SIM: high security home and international data traffic service

which provides continuous availability for 7x24 hours to respond to unforeseen incidents of our remote monitoring service partners and to address any technical problems immediately.

IT support: technical support

which provides continuous availability for 7x24 hours to respond to unforeseen incidents of our remote monitoring service partners and to address any technical problems immediately.

Product development: support for individual customer needs

generated by feedback from our remote monitoring service providers, so every year the entire infrastructure is renewed, which all our partners have access to.

Mentoring: business development consultancy

to help our remote monitoring service providers implement, sell and communicate new services and expand the portfolio.

There is no initial cost with MOHAnet infrastructure, since we provide the server and maintain it.

There is no additional cost either over time, because colleagues do not need to learn a new system for every service.

You do not need to order devices from four manufacturers for four services, and you do not need to purchase small amounts of SIM cards separately, because the system is universal and data traffic is provided.

Modular Infrastructure: Get what you need

Modular Infrastructure: Get what you need

The system can be scaled unlimitedly in the number of devices, subscribers, dispatchers and services.

And we also ensure that our partner must pay only for what they actually use.

iMachine can be connected to a variety of equipment, so you can provide multiple remote monitoring services with a single transmitter.

iMachine: modular, universal transmitter

It is the cornerstone of the infrastructure, from which dozens of different remote monitoring services emerge.

Fix installed transmitter to connect versatile technologies as interface modules.

Thanks to its modular construction the system can be continuously expanded with new services within the same infrastructure..

Modules that can be freely combined: GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, LoRa, RF868, audio.

Communication protocols: RS-232, RS-485, I2C, CAN, ContactID, ASCII.

iMachine: modular, universal transmitter

Continuous development, unique functions - accessible for everyone

Based on the feedback and individual requests of our clients we continuously develop the system and extend it with unique, new functionality.

And we provide our achievements for all of our partners by means of the yearly issued updates.

Using MOHAnet's infrastructure, you don't need to maintain your own IT team, and base on the knowledge and availability of some people.

Know-how, service management, development, hardware and software are always available in one place and in one hand.


Full control and 100 % of transparency from any device, at any time

Platform independent, web-based, thin client software and mobile application: for graphic display of the remote monitoring service which makes continuous monitoring and real-time checking possible.

The data can be displayed in tabular or graphic form, it does not store confidential information, it is safe and reliable.


MonitoringBook Home

An app running on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will be notified immediately through the app about the events that require intervention.

MonitoringBook Pro

In addition to online supervision, we can create individual reports and worksheets, edit them, manage individual actions and interventions.

Unlimited scalable, secure system

In Mohanet's infrastructure, our partner only has to pay for as many endpoints as he actually operates.

Almost any kind of sensor (RFID/NFC, displacement, fall, impact, acceleration, vibration, magnetism, approach, light, sound, humidity, smoke and temperature sensors etc.) and different technical equipment can be connected to the remotely supervised iMachine device.
Our servers are able to provide monitoring of transmitter devices with 4 billion unique identifiers, so in practice we can work with an unlimited number of devices.
On the Internet data channels and messages are encrypted separately. 128-bit encryption guarantees the integrity and secure delivery of messages.
An unlimited number of users and dispatchers can connect to the remote monitoring system at the same time.
We provide a platform which can be used under any operating system keep all data available.
Because the client program runs not on the server, so minimum resource is enough for the client computers.
We provide a cloud-server, or at request a physical (on-premise) server, which can be supervised by your IT team.
We provide data traffic service for each device, so there is no need for unnecessary travel, administration or separate contracts.

Because we also provide the cloud-based server, the infrastructure can be scaled along with the increase in customer numbers, reducing the cost per endpoint.

The logic of the infrastructure itself is the full security guarantee

In the MOHAnet architecture each component is monitored continuously and automatically.

Technical monitoring will investigate any detected anomalies within 0-24 hours.

Because the check covers all elements, even in the event of an automatic and accurately logged error its cause and location can be continuously and automatically stated - and we know how to fix it right away.

Consequently it should not happen in the architecture whether the problem is with the hardware, the software or it is a human error.

In fact, human error is the only source of danger - and the activity of people in the system is accurately and continuously logged.

What are MOHAnet's systems used for?

Sales tracking
Sales tracking

It accurately reports inventory sales and generates revenue-generating business reports.

Refrigerator monitoring
Refrigerator monitoring

Continuous temperature monitoring of refrigeration equipment.

Burglar alarm
Burglar alarm

Supervision of security systems of office buildings, factories, flats.

Fire alarm
Fire alarm

Supervision of fire protection systems in office buildings, factories and homes.

Vehicle tracking
Vehicle tracking

For theft protection and logistics supervision of company vehicles.

Position tracking
Position tracking

For tracking, locating workers, machines and tools inside the building.

Access Control System
Access Control System

Supervision of person and vehicle access.

Elevator alarm
Elevator alarm

Monitoring of elevator alarms and status signals.

Information terminal
Information terminal

Public and corporate information and/or emergency call point.

Fluid level measurement
Fluid level measurement

Measuring fluid levels and monitoring usage.

Forklift tracking
Forklift tracking

Monitoring the movement and diagnostic status of forklifts, hoists.

Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring

Diagnostic status monitoring of electric motors, rotary machines.

Water pump monitoring
Water pump monitoring

Diagnostic condition monitoring of water lifting equipment, pumps.

Load balance supervision
Load balance supervision

Supervision of weighing of raw materials, finished products, transport vehicles.

Remote reading
Remote reading

Monitoring of water, gas and electricity consumption for cost reduction.

Solar panel monitoring
Solar panel monitoring

Theft protection and diagnostic status monitoring in one.

MOHAnet Infrastructure Expands its Portfolio

You can easily extend the list of your remote monitoring services with our remote monitoring system.

Innovative service provider who do not wish to offer a single service for their partners are our ideal clients.

Using our system you can provide a transmitter, a remote control, a remote monitoring dispatcher centre with an intervention guard service, a Hungarian language application for passenger, vehicle, alarm monitoring and event queries for the clients.

And you can provide remote monitoring for dozens of industrial and residential needs in the same system.

Demo bag: try the entire system in person, for free

Demo bag: try the entire system in person, for free

It is important to know exactly how the system works before deciding to use it. That is why we give you a demo bag free of charge where you can find each necessary component.

This way, you can see for yourself how much the cost of your iMachine and system is lower than if you weren’t using a universal solution.

This is what you'll find in the bag:

  • The iMachine tool.
  • ● The description for putting into use
  • You can download and try the MonitoringBook Home mobile application.
  • You can try MonitoringBook Pro desk version.

You can ask the demo bag simply by filling out of the below form and we will contact you within 1 day.


Enter your contact details and details by filling out the form, and our staff will call you back within 48 hours and agree on the details of the demo bag insurance.


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