Incident Management Practice of the MonitoringBook PRO Remote Monitoring Software Platform 

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Post Date: 2024. 06. 11

Incident Management Practice of the MonitoringBook PRO Remote Monitoring Software Platform 

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Incident management is a critical element of any remote monitoring software, as the effective handling of unexpected events is essential for maintaining smooth business operations. Alongside traditional response methods, modern, automated actions initiated from remote monitoring software are becoming increasingly popular. These open up new possibilities for the quick and efficient handling of incidents with minimal human intervention. This article highlights the practical advantages and most useful features of the MonitoringBook PRO, a cloud-based remote monitoring software platform, for incident management.


The MonitoringBook PRO remote monitoring software platform is a cloud-based tool and application that enables remote access and oversight of various security and IT systems. It offers numerous valuable features and services to facilitate quick and professional dispatch operations, including incident management.


Automated Notification Management:

The MonitoringBook PRO enables the setup and dispatch of automated notifications to clients and installers via SMS, email, or push messages through the MonitoringBook HOME mobile application in case of an alarm or other extraordinary event. When an incident occurs in the system (e.g., battery fault in alarm systems), the software automatically notifies the responsible person(s) through the aforementioned communication channels, who then begin resolving the issue. In this scenario, the notification process is entirely automated by the remote monitoring software, rather than a dispatcher. Automated notifications and the possibility of quick response significantly improve the quality of customer service, leading to higher client satisfaction.


Partially Automated, Semi-Automatic Notification Management:

In addition to automated notifications, the MonitoringBook PRO offers the capability to handle partially automated, so-called semi-automatic notifications that require minimal intervention from the dispatcher. During an action, SMS, emails, or phone calls initiated from the remote monitoring software can be triggered immediately with the press of a button. Outgoing and incoming voice calls are supported by an IP-based telephone exchange and voice recorder integrated with the software platform. With this semi-automatic method, not only can phone calls be made and received at the push of a button from the software, but SMS or emails can also be sent. The system automatically prepares these written notifications for dispatch, pre-writing the necessary text and inserting the received event information, which only needs to be approved by pressing the send button. If the dispatcher wishes to add additional remarks to the pre-written text by the software, they can freely do so before pressing the send button. SMS communication for written notifications can be offered as an extra service by the remote monitoring provider to their clients. This means the SMS service can be billed separately, either as a monthly fee or based on the number of sent SMS, as the software supports both billing methods. Each sent SMS and email is logged in the database with a timestamp and customer number, making this information readily available to customer service and retrievable for billing purposes. Notably, voice calls are also recorded in the database, which can be played back at any time. The voice recorder and IP-based telephone exchange operate integrally with the MonitoringBook PRO remote monitoring software platform, eliminating the need for any external devices to support various communication channels simultaneously. The IP-based telephone exchange can handle landline, mobile, and special numbers (e.g., toll-free 800 numbers) as well.


Cloud-Based Incident Management:

The MonitoringBook PRO remote monitoring software platform provides detailed information on incoming event alerts, including ongoing and resolved interventions. The cloud-based incident manager presents these events in a customizable interface, organized in rows, displaying the event identifiers, timestamps of event arrivals, and, in case of an intervention, the dispatcher’s name and the start time of the intervention. If a new event arrives from the client’s system during an ongoing intervention, the software notifies the dispatcher with distinctive audio and visual alerts, which must be acknowledged on the current intervention worksheet. This facilitates more complex identification of incidents and their faster resolution while also allowing for the analysis of individual errors to prevent their recurrence.


Thanks to the cloud-based solution, data is stored in the cloud, making it easily accessible and secure. Additionally, the incident manager is flexibly scalable with the increase in the number of clients and dispatchers and can be easily integrated with other systems (CRM, ERP), which is advantageous for larger enterprises or companies operating across multiple locations.


Remote Access and Intervention:

The MonitoringBook PRO remote monitoring software platform enables remote access to various systems, allowing quick and efficient handling of incidents. Authorized personnel can remotely access their alarm systems or other devices and intervene immediately to resolve the issue. This provides faster response times and significantly reduces unnecessary site visits and associated costs.


Event and Incident Tracking and Documentation:

The MonitoringBook PRO platform allows continuous tracking and documentation of events and incidents. The data recorded on the incident management interface, such as the start time, names of interveners, steps taken, and resolution methods, assist in later analysis and potential audits. This enables remote monitoring businesses to learn from incidents, improve processes, and prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.


Performance Indicators and Reports:

The MonitoringBook PRO platform offers capabilities for generating performance indicators and reports. This helps the business monitor and assess the effectiveness of its incident management processes. Reports enable the identification of common issues, longer response times, or other challenges in incident handling, allowing for the improvement of incident management strategies accordingly. The use of automated and semi-automated notification management enhances the speed and efficiency of incident management, enabling a dispatcher to independently service thousands of clients. Monitoring and documenting communication related to incidents contribute to subsequent analyses and the identification of improvement opportunities.


These features make the MonitoringBook PRO remote monitoring software platform a more comprehensive and integrated incident management solution for those operating dispatcher centers compared to its predecessors. Both voice communication and written messages are essential for ensuring effective and accurate communication during incidents. The capabilities for dispatch actions, voice recording, and prepared documentation support the quick and professional handling of incidents and the overall security and business continuity of remote monitoring companies.


The professional incident management solution described here helps remote monitoring service providers save time, human resources, and money. Faster response times and more efficient problem-solving minimize business risks in line with increasing client numbers and staff. Additionally, through documentation and analysis of data from incidents, companies can improve the stability and reliability of their systems in the long term.

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